Q&A with TheTravelingStoner 2

Q&A with TheTravelingStoner 2

Can you describe the first time you smoked weed?

The first time I ever smoked weed I was 21 years old and away at college. Florida Gulf Coast University had put on one of their famous eaglepalooza events, where PitBull and some other big artists were playing. I’ll never forget that day to be honest with you; The apartment complex that I lived in had buildings that were 3 stories high with two apartments on each level side. We threw the biggest party that apartment complex had seen by making every room in the building into a different “party room.” My friends and I were standing outside the building trying to plan our arrival at the concert, when a blunt was lit and put into rotation. At the time I didn’t want to seem like a weenie so I hit it once each time it came around. That night changed my life and brought this amazing plant into my life.

What is your favorite strain?


I don’t know if I have a favorite strain of all time, but I do have phases or strain categories that I go through. When I first moved to Colorado I was obsessed with all things citrus; it didn't matter if it was lemon, orange or lime I was getting it. After that I started really getting into OG strains; anything that was heavy and smelled like gasoline I wanted. SFV OG will always have a special place in my heart. From there I moved back into fruity strains like banana, papaya and citrus berry. These days I would say that I enjoy cannabis based on the appearance and scent instead of the name of it.

Where are your next trips to?


My next trip is planned for Los Angeles from September 20 through the 26th. I will be visiting my best friend Niko and having some end of summer / early fall adventures with her! So far I do not have much planned for the trip, but I am hoping to knock a couple of things off my SoCAL bucket list while I’m there.

After that I am trying to plan trips to Vegas, Washington/Oregon, and hopefully I can squeeze a trip to the east coast in by the end of the year! I am always open to other traveling opportunities and never turn down an adventure!

Do you have any goals for the Fall?

My goals for this Fall are to focus on myself and my new business. It seems that lately I have been spending my time and energy on people and situations that just don't matter. It’s time for me to take control of my own life again and work on my motivated. There are some physical changes that I would like to make to myself, but realistically if I don't fix my mental state then nothing will stick. I am also hoping to get really creative in my work with the fall colors and themes this year!

Do you have a favorite game or activity?

Yes! Chronic Heroes is hands down the best game I have ever played and it’s geared towards cannabis. There are multiple versions of the game and it can be played with any level of smoking experience. I would highly recommend picking up a pack of the cards and printing out the board game.

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