4/20 Events in Some Cannabis Friendly States

4/20 Events in Some Cannabis Friendly States

            It is the beginning of April and for every stoner in the nation that means one thing; getting together your 4/20 plans! For myself April 20th is more important than my birthday and Christmas combined. I always love coming together with likeminded people and sharing a joint no matter the size of the event. So, I have complied a list of the most visited cannabis legal state events for those of you who still haven’t decided on what to do:

·         Colorado:

o   Positive Vibes on Broadway will be having a FREE event from 10AM to 4PM. This event is going to be a product launch and will have lots of giveaways, discounts, food, consumption bus, and much more. I will be helping to run this event and will be for the entire thing so make sure to swing by. Tickets are not needed.

o   The 4/20 Rally is also a FREE event that happens at Civic Center Park every year. This year’s entertainment is provided by 2 Chains and it starts at 10 AM and runs till 8 PM. There are lots of vendors and companies that come out to celebrate the holiday and have booths set up! 

o   420 on the Block is another great event that is happening in the evening. It is an event that spreads across 6 venues and your ticket gets you into all of them! Concerts, vendors, food, consumption busses and so much more! You can get your tickets HERE for 420 on the Block.

·         California:

o   Nexus Social Lounge is quite famous in California for throwing the dopest 420 themed parties and this holiday is no different. This is an event that starts at 2PM and ends at 2AM. There is cannabis smoking allowed inside and you just need to sign up HERE to get in. Music, cannabis, vendors, and much more!

o   Captain Jack’s 420 Extravaganza is a FREE event happening in the LA area that you must register for HERE. This event is from 11AM to 8PM and has tons of giveaways, concerts, vendors, and tons of other things advertised. You do need your Cali med/rec card to be able to attend this event.  

·         Washington:

o   420 Fest is a huge event that happens out in Seattle and you can get your membership for the event HERE. There are tons of different live music going on as well as vendors, food, games and much more! The event starts at 3PM and goes until 10PM.

·         Nevada:

o   The Future Arts Vegas 420 is an event that is happening in Las Vegas on 420 and it’s a celebration of the Arts, fashion & 420 culture. The tickets can be bought HERE and are quite cheap! The event starts at 5PM and goes until midnight. There will be live graffiti, good, music, and much more!   

o   The Canna Bus Tour will be doing a special 420 editions where they guide you through Las Vegas best medical dispensaries. This tour shows you the entire process from growing to making concentrates and everything in between. Tickets for these tours can be purchased HERE and they run from 10AM to 2PM.


These are just a few events that are going on in these popularly visited states. 420 is one of my favorite times of the year because it brings us stoners together to celebrate what we love; cannabis. This time of year for me is all about giving back and sharing my passion and education for cannabis. Remember that you don’t have to be a scientist or dispensary owner to share the benefits that cannabis has! I hope that everybody has a safe and high holiday! Stay Stoned friends :)


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Back && Better than Ever!

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