Topic Submission: What is CBD?

Topic Submission: What is CBD?

First, I would like to say thank you to everybody who visited the website, read the blog, sent me a topic submission, or even just reached out to say it looked great! I have been working hard over the last year to bring you guys this website and all it will become and it’s so great to receive such positive and constructive feedback! I was overwhelmed by the volume of topic submissions that I received in the first week of the blog being published. One subject that stood out more than the others was questions related to CBD. This week’s article is to help answer all the questions you guys have on CBD and how to find it!

What exactly is CBD and how does it affect you?

            CBD is a cannabinoid that is derived from hemp or cannabis and has medicinal properties. It is often given a bad name because it does come from cannabis, however as a pure derivative it has significant positive medicinal properties. CBD is known to reduce anxiety and pain; I can personally attest to this and say that I have found relief from both through using CBD. Another great medicinal benefit of CBD is as an anti-inflammatory as well as an antiemetic for treating anything from travel related nausea to the side effects of chemotherapy.  This cannabinoid is also an anticonvulsant, which means that it reduces seizures in patients. These are just a fraction of the issues that CBD can help with through its medicinal properties.

How do CBD and THC differ?

            Although CBD and THC are both derived from cannabis, there are three major differences. The first is that unlike THC, CBD contains no psychoactive effects. This means that CBD does not give you the “high” feeling that THC does. In fact, CBD is used as a method to “come down” from being too high. Second, THC is known to cause paranoia or anxiety while CBD is the opposite because its outcomes are calming and take away anxiety. Third, CBD is legal in all 50 states, whereas THC is not. This means that there is no risk in having or consuming CBD in State within the US.          

I live in an illegal state; Where can I safely get CBD?

            Since CBD is legal in all 50 states, it can be very easily obtained for those who do not have retail store access to this medicine. There are three CBD companies online that I have been able to try and can recommend to you guys!

The first CBD company that I would recommend to anybody in the US would be CBDistillary (link). You can get to their website via the link, and they will ship to anywhere in the US! Their product lines consist of: CBD isolate, tinctures, topicals and so many more products!

The second is Empire Wellness (Link) offers their CBD isolate, gummies, terpene infused CBD and many other products on their website. Some of their CBD isolates have terpenes added back into them for flavor! This means that you can pick your favorite tasting strain and have it added to CBD isolate.  

The last one is Isodiol (Link) and has a lot of CBD products to offer consumers as well. Isodiol offers distillate, isolate, topicals, oils and even CBD infused water! The water is infused with nano-amplified cannabinoids and doesn’t have any taste to it. They are another great source for CBD and can be easily obtained through an online order.


CBD is slowly changing the medicinal value of cannabinoids derived from cannabis. With all the ever-growing new technology and knowledge, we have about cannabinoids we can help to educate others on its benefits! Please let me know if there are any lingering questions or concerns regarding CBD after reading this article. This will be a continued point of discussion through the site as we learn more about it!

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