Champs and Glass Vegas: My First Trip to Vegas

            I was prepared to write an educational article this week on cannabis, but from all the messages and submissions over the last week it is clear what you guys would like to hear about. My trip to Vegas last week. I had never been to Vegas before, and had no clue what I was getting into going with Dabbing Granny. Being friends with her and knowing her popularity couldn’t have ever prepared me for that week! So many of her diehard fans were there and came out to show their support for her. It was honestly overwhelming at times seeing the love and admiration you all have for her.

            Where do I even begin? Granny and I attended two shows last week: Champs Trade Show and Glass Vegas. Both shows were very well put together and ran smoother than a lot of other expos I have attended. Glass Vegas had a more personal atmosphere to it with only having a little over 150 booths! The theme for Glass Vegas was glass made from across America. The pieces at this event were typically hand blown and being represented by the artists themselves. Over 700 booths were at Champs and the show held 5x more companies and people! I got to meet the representatives from so many companies like Beta Labs Glass, Isodol, Vapen, Kannastor, Dime Bags, CBDistillery, The Glass Mule, Shine Papers, RAW, MMJCO, Resolution, and so many more! The connections, networking, and general fun that happened over three days was mind blowing.

            The shows were just breathtaking from the beautiful pieces of art that were made to the variety of the companies that attended the events. It was intimidating and truth be told I’m not sure that we even saw 60% of the shows! We clowned around and had the greatest time at the shows, but it was in our down time that the most fun happened!

            I do not live the same type of lifestyle as most people my age in that I go to bed early and wake up much the same way. Although when you’re in Vegas what is sleep? Granny and I would be up until 3AM playing the penny slot machines and up again at 7:30AM ready to take on the day. We had so many firsts in Vegas, both together and separate, that it was hard to say a favorite part. And although it should stay in Vegas, it would be cruel of me to not tell you guys any stories that happened that week so I’ll tell you this one:

            On Wednesday night the afterparty got shut down (again), and we decided to have a small private sesh inside the Beta Glass Labs hotel room. Granny and I take the elevator down to our room to grab products, rigs, and torches for the sesh. The product went into my purse, but the torches and rigs stayed in our hands because it was just convenient to not pour out the rigs. We walk over to the elevators and as the doors open we hear the comment,

            “… you can’t blame it all on cannabis.”

            Gail and I enter a very tense, uncomfortable and cigarette filled elevator with big smiles and of course our paraphernalia in hand! There are two boys in the back (who we had met earlier in the trip), two girls next to them, and an older gentleman as well. The elevator goes up one floor and one of the girls gets off. One more floor up and the second girl gets off. The 12th floor is next where Gail, the two boys and myself all exit; hysterical laughing breaks out between the boys and one of them finally chokes out,

“The timing of you two getting on the elevator like that was just too perfect.”

The guys then explained to us that the girls were complaining about the glass conventions attendees and that the elevators reeked of cannabis (which was cigarette smoke). The two girls then began to bash the people in the cannabis community and their lifestyle choices. The boys said that the girls had their shirts covering their faces until they saw what was in our hands as we walked onto the elevator. It was very comical though that they would have nothing to say to our faces once we got onto the elevator! I guess Granny and I looked so intimidating they were afraid to speak up in our presence!

Overall it was a great trip! I got to meet so many cool people and companies in Vegas. To list every person and share every funny story would make this a long (and tiresome) blog post. Some lifelong memories and friendships were shared and I honestly cannot wait to return to Vegas next month for the Cannabis Cup! Because the Cup is more focused on the actual consumption of cannabis and how to incorporate it into your daily routine, it will be interesting to see this kind of event Vegas style!

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