TheTravelingStoner is a website which is dedicated to cannabis and the education of its medicinal benefits. This website is always organically growing based on the needs and wants of the audience it serves. Through different media platforms this website will operate to change the stereotype of cannabis and make it more acceptable as a medicine. 

You may recognize "TheTravelingStoner" as a username in social media where I, Lindsay, have spent the last couple of years trying to educate and mainstream cannabis use. 

Our in-house authors:




Lindsay Heighes: 

Lindsay moved to Colorado in December 2015 for the ability to use marijuana medically. She has suffered from ovarian cysts since she was 16 and has been trying to find alternative routes to be pharmaceutical free. Cannabis gave Lindsay her life back, and since moving here she has been learning about the cannabis community and finding ways to make cannabis culturally acceptable for all. 

Bailey Bodle:

Hey guys, I’m Bailey! Some of you know me as Rockymtndabber. Either way, I am a 24 year old cannabis activist in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I work in the cannabis industry as a social media manager for Green Farms Med, and do a ton of side projects of my own (one of which being Baking and Baking with Bailey!)

I am a chronic disease warrior, battling Ankylosing Spondylitis and Fibromyalgia (among other disorders) everyday. I use medical cannabis to treat these conditions, keeping my inflammation and my pain levels at bay while I kick ass for cannabis! I have been medicating with cannabis for about 8 years now, and advocating for the plant for almost 7. My pride is in the cannabis plant and I’m happy to do whatever I can to spread awareness and help normalize cannabis use!